Partner Spotlight — Gallant | w/ Kimmo Nyman, Head of CFO Services

Kimmo Nyman from BBTP Partner, Gallant
  • May 14, 2024


Getting to know our new BBTP Partner 


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In April 2024, the Best Best Talent Platform community welcomed Gallant as a new BBTP Partner. To extend the welcome, our April Member Meeting brought BBTP Members together to learn more about Gallant and all they offer.  

BBTP Members heard from Gallant’s Head of CFO Services, Kimmo Nyman. Kimmo gave a comprehensive company overview, including Gallant’s history, services, and values.  


Did you miss BBTP's April Member Meeting? Don’t worry! 

The BBTP Team has rounded up some key points from the presentation. Check out the summary below to get caught up to speed.  


Forming Gallant  


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The formation of Gallant began on the shores of Näsijärvi in southwestern Finland. The founding members— Max Gylling & Tomas Tahvanainen— shared a common goal to help customers stay one step ahead of the rest.

The bond between Gallant's founders was sealed with a firm handshake and commitment to helping companies grow. They decided to band together with Finland’s most esteemed financial and administration experts to provide companies with all the major financial services they could need. 

In the past 5 years, Gallant has proven itself as a reliable source of support for small to mid-sized Finnish companies. Their list of happy customers includes businesses such as Hilla IT, DC Works, and Innohome


Forging a path for growth 


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Since their founding in 2019, Gallant has set themselves apart with their commitment to growth. With 200 growth specialists and 12 agencies around Finland, Gallant has a wealth of resources and services to take companies to the next level.  

With their growth resources and clear outlook on the future, what Gallant really offers companies is peace of mind. Gallant is a trusted resource for market leaders, international growth companies, SMEs and promising start-ups. 


The services to generate success 


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It is no secret that companies face a wide range of challenges that require a diverse set of experts to solve them. Gallant believes in providing everything a business needs under one roof. They never limit themselves to any one area of expertise.  

Gallant’s holistic way of working, has been praised by numerous customers including Miika Tuominen from Tamtron Group. Miika says, “We appreciate that Gallant's expertise does not remain in accounting, as we receive up-to-date insights and support we need in financial matters.” 

By joining as a partner of Best Best Talent Platform, Gallant has been able to boost their pool of experts to offer even more. Of BBTP’s 1500+ members, interim managers and board professionals make up a large percentage. Thus, Gallant has been able to expand their already extensive range of services through BBTP Partnership to include interim and board support. 


The support to grow your business  


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When it comes to growth, support must have strong roots. Gallant is rooted in four values that help them support customers in a meaningful and sustainable way:  

  • We do not shy away from new challenges 
  • We are transparent and trustworthy 
  • We always aim for superior quality 
  • We work for the customer’s benefit 


BBTP’s Founder and Managing Director, Elina Liehu, says that Gallant’s values are what made them a great candidate for BBTP Partnership; “Best Best Talent Platform is built on transparency and trustworthiness. When I saw these values come through in Gallant's work, I knew they were the right fit."

In addition to values, Gallant prides itself on working with a distinct attitude of "We got your back". This means that their whole team goes the extra mile to ensure customers are supported. 


Exploring BBTP Partnership




As a newly minted BBTP Partner, Gallant is looking forward to getting to know the BBTP Community and exploring the new collaboration. The April Member Meeting was a great first opportunity Kimmo to meet experts from BBTP's talent pool and for BBTP Members to ask questions from a Gallant representative. Elina Liehu from Best Best Talent Platform was also present to introduce Gallant to the members and share her observations about their trustworthy way of working. 

Partners are the backbone of Best Best Talent Platform and The BBTP Team continues to be overjoyed to have Gallant as a partner. As BBTP grows and evolves, customers and talent alike will be in good hands with Gallant. 



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