Member Meetings — Why we do them and how to get involved

  • March 23, 2023


Monthly peer meetings for BBTP members 


Since the launch of our platform at the end of 2022, the BBTP team has hosted monthly meetings for our expert talent to get to know each other. These hour-long online sessions are an opportunity for freelancers to meet their peers, gain updates about BBTP, and discuss a topic of interest to the community.  

The member meeting initiative stemmed from the results of a survey conducted by our partner, Ferovalo, called Interim Manager Pulse 2022. The survey gave many insights into the wishes of the freelancing community, one of which was the strong desire for more peer networking and professional development opportunities.  

For example, almost 50% of survey respondents said they would have liked more peer networking during their current or latest assignment. A smaller but still significant desire was shown for professional development. 


Another example comes from question 30, where respondents were asked what they would use from a talent platform. Almost 60% said they would utilize professional development opportunities and nearly 75% said they would use peer networking.  
















Furthermore, the most obvious takeaway from IM Pulse 2022 was that a successful talent platform is one that leads talent to assignments. In our recent blog post, we break down trends in assignment acquisition and how peer networking is known to lead to new gigs


An initiative based on community insights


Keeping IM Pulse 2022 in mind, BBTP has been building a pattern of member meetings and testing out various ways of hosting them — aiming to make them as valuable for members as possible.  

While previous meetings have featured presentations by BBTP team members and colleagues from the talent ecosystem, future meetings will feature some of our expert members in a bigger way. This spring, we have an inspiring line-up of BBTP members who will give presentations on their area of specialty and lead their peers in an engaging discussion about their topic’s relevance and implementation.  

By giving the floor to our members, the BBTP team hopes to cultivate a peer-driven space. By presenting at a member meeting, talent can not only share their expertise for the benefit of others but gain visibility for their personal brand.  



Are you a BBTP member with something to share?  


If you are interested in presenting at an upcoming member meeting, email our Community Manager, Leah:

In the email, include your areas of specialty and ideas for a short but impactful presentation.  


Want to attend the next member meeting?  


BBTP members can always find the details of the next monthly meeting on the home page of the platform. Go to “exclusive contents” and the meeting information is featured on the right-hand side.  

Remember to register in advance if you would like an email reminder about the meeting. The registration link can be found along with all other meeting details on the platform itself. 


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