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Member Spotlight— Mia Ahlström, Board Professional, Entrepreneur, & Executive Management Consultant

March 18, 2024
Gathering around recent research Near the end of February, the BBTP community gathered at our monthly Member Meeting to...

Pär Mickos' #Way2InterimManagement

November 23, 2023
For Pär Mickos, being an interim manager means delivering on day one. His #Way2InterimManagement is a story of...

Sanna Reunanen's #Way2InterimManagement

October 11, 2023
When Sanna Reunanen started her career, she could have never guessed the places it would lead. From a digital...

Martti Kouhi's #Way2InterimManagement

September 26, 2023
After 18 years at Shell, Martti Kouhi found his #Way2InterimManagement, granting him the freedom to embrace new...