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Gallant become BBTP Partner
  • April 8, 2024

Top-tier talent matching just got easier.

In an exciting new partnership, Best Best Talent Talent Platform welcomes Gallant into its vibrant community of talent matchmakers

Gallant is a forward-looking advisory company that always keeps you one step ahead of the competition. Gallant prides itself in providing everything that a growing business needs— Financial, HR, and Tax & Legal Services —all under one roof.  


By partnering with Best Best Talent Platform, Gallant is expanding its already extensive list of services. As a BBTP Partner, Gallant gains access to a talent pool of over 1500 top-level experts, including Board Professionals and Interim Managers.



Working together to connect customers and top talent.


When Elina Liehu started Best Best Talent Platform, she dreamt of a more collaborative way to help companies fill their talent needs. The digital platform acts as a central hub where trusted partners connect customers with the best people to fill their assignments.  


Liehu says, “Gallant is such an exciting addition to the BBTP Community. They are reliable and professional and they meet our high expectations around customer satisfaction.” Liehu is looking forward to introducing Gallant to the BBTP Partner Network where talent matchmakers share best practices and work together to develop new assignments.  




The best-case scenario for all parties involved.  


Gallant's Head of CFO Services, Kimmo Nyman, has been leading the collaboration from Gallant’s side. When he first came in contact with Liehu, Nyman was immediately impressed by the BBTP’s overarching commitment to the win-win-win.  

Nyman says, “Gallant sees this partnership as an easy decision. The talent get more opportunities, companies get more qualified candidates, and we get to deliver even more of the growth-generating services we are known for.”  

As Gallant embarks on this new endeavor with Best Best Talent Platform, they anticipate major growth to come.  




The BBTP Partner Network is growing. Is your agency interested in joining a cooperative ecosystem?

Best Best Talent Platform is open to new partnerships with recruitment agencies, headhunting companies, and interim management providers who share our values. 

If you are in the business of trustworthy talent-matching, we encourage you to get in touch. Set up a meeting with our Managing Director, Elina Liehu and learn all about BBTP Partnership. 


Do you represent a company that has a talent need? Or maybe you are a motivated C-level talent in search of your next challenge?

Get to know what BBTP offers:


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