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  • January 20, 2023


How peer networking leads to new gigs

At the beginning of the new year, our partner Ferovalo launched the results of their annual survey, Interim Manager Pulse 2022.

Interim Manager Pulse 2022


In recent years, Ferovalo had asked questions regarding topics like the top struggles of interim managers or the effects of COVID-19 on freelancing. This year, they dove into talent platforms— what brings interim managers to talent platforms, what makes them work, and what challenges they present.  

For the BBTP team, it came as no surprise that the #1 reason why talents register for any talent platform is to find a new assignment. When answering question 31 of the survey, "What do you think makes the best talent platform?", responses were worded differently but followed the same main theme. 


Results - Section 3. What do you think makes the best talent platform. Theme #1 Best Assignments. Quotes written from respondents, such as "the one that actually gets me a job" and "amount and quality of assignments"


To the respondents of Interim Manager Pulse 2022, tools and services like CV tools, feedback mechanisms, and peer networking opportunities, were not so crucial to a platform, but rather an extra benefit or a "nice bonus".  

However, when the interim managers were asked how they got their current or latest assignment, almost half had gotten their gig through an existing contact or referral. For a large chunk of the 138 respondents, an active network was the key to landing their next opportunity. 


Results, section 2, latest assignment. How did you find your current/latest assignment? Graph with responses showing previously mentioned statistics.


For this reason, the BBTP team doesn’t see peer networking as an additional or unnecessary perk. It is a natural lead-generator and a core element of our platform.  


At Best Best Talent Platform, we believe in bringing C-level talents together. 

By gathering the best of the best, we can: 

  • support each other through tough assignments 
  • tackle common issues with a unified voice 
  • share and recommend open opportunities  
  • cultivate a community of wise and humble experts

For us, peer networking isn’t just chit chat and kudos— though it sometimes includes that. At BBTP, peer networking sets the path to the best future.  


Are you interested in connecting with other C-level freelancers in a friendly and fruitful environment?  

Members of Best Best Talent Platform not only gain access to open assignments but a host of peer networking opportunities, including virtual monthly member meetings.  

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