Do's and don'ts for submitting your best application through BBTP

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  • April 13, 2023


Your best foot forward 


When an exciting assignment comes along, you want to present yourself well. To help you put your best foot forward, the BBTP team has rounded up some tips for applying to an assignment through our platform. Although some of these tips apply to job applications more broadly, several are particular to our platform's tools and functions.

Consider these tips as "Do's and Don'ts" for submitting your best application through BBTP. 




Do... understand what is required. 

When assessing whether an assignment is a good fit for you, make sure to read the assignment requirements carefully, as well as the application instructions. Pay special attention to the language skills needed for the role and seniority level requested by the company. 

If you believe you are a good match for the job presented, mind the application deadline. Companies looking for an interim manager often move quickly and the search window can be quite short. You wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to apply for your perfect position because the due date slipped by!




Don't ... rush through an application. 

After you have carefully considered your fit for the role at hand, take just as much care in your preparing your application. Best Best Talent Platform is talent-driven— meaning our expert members have full control over what assignments they apply to and companies only have access to the information that the talent gives them through their application. Therefore, ensure all the information you share is accurate, relevant, and clearly presented. 

We recommend you sit down in a quiet place to fill out an application. If you become distracted or some other challenge occurs around you, take a small break and return when your mind and surroundings have settled. 




Do... update and tailor your CV.

BBTP members are c-level experts. This means that each member has an impressive list of skills and experiences. However — no matter how impressive a person's professional and personal history is — it is crucial to summarise and present only the information that is relevant to the job at handBy tailoring your CV to the open assignment, you give the hiring manager a clear picture of your experience and help them to easily determine whether or not you would be their best fit. 

If tailoring your CV sounds like a lot of work... it doesn't have to be! Best Best Talent Platform has tools to make your life easier. With our CV tool, you can generate a tailored CV right in the platform by picking and choosing which profile information you want to share with the hiring manager. To make the process as quick as possible, keep your BBTP profile information up-to-date— checking it on a regular basis and making changes as they come along. 




Don't... under or overestimate yourself

When applying to a new position, it is important to have confidence in your experience and ability to carry out the assigned responsibilities. If you feel you are a good fit for a role, do not let your inner saboteur talk you out of applying. 

On the other end of the spectrum, over-confidence is not a good look. Sometimes c-level experts put little effort into answering application questions, believing that the experience on their CV speaks for itself. However, if a company includes a question in an application, this means they want something more than what can be derived from a CV. If you do not take the question seriously, you run a huge risk of being passed over for an interview. 

If you want an assignment, take all parts of the application seriously. Remember that the company will see exactly what you put in your application, so present information in a manner that tells them you are serious about the job. 




Do... make your motivation clear

Experience and skills go a long way, but how does a company choose between a handful of candidates who all have extensive know-how? One aspect of the application that can set you apart is your motivation. If asked why you want the position, try to pinpoint what makes the assignment and the company stand out. In addition, you can include how the assignment would aid your personal or professional development. 

When expressing your motivation, be truthful but don't be too blunt or too vague— "I want the job because I need money" won't cut it. Consider how your answer would sound to a hiring manager and how it could aid their overall feeling about you in the position you want. 




Don't ... overthink your answers

Preparing an application for an exciting assignment can be an intimidating task. BBTP partners do everything in their power to keep the process simple and transparent, but stress can still creep into your mind. Even the most experienced applicants can overthink their answers. 

Resist the urge to overthink and aim to keep it simple. Sometimes the most obvious or most natural response is in fact the best one. Remember that in any job application, the most important thing is to showcase yourself and your abilities. If your answers are authentic and to the point, then you are on the right track. 




Do ... proofread your application

It seems like an obvious step, but it is too often skipped — proofread your application before you hit submit.

We can't emphasize enough that whatever you put in your application will be sent to the hiring company. BBTP partners do not clean up applications or submit a summary of your skills... we send the applications as they are, letting our talent speak on their own behalf. While one typo might not hurt your chances at a position, a sloppy application gives off a bad first impression. 

The best applications are prepared with care. Get into the habit of reviewing before submitting and use any tricks and tools to make the process easier. Apps like Grammarly can scan your writing for mistakes and reading your answers out loud can help you to identify awkward or unclear sentences. 




Don't... stress after you submit

If you have taken the steps to make your best possible application, then hit submit and take a deep breath. Fight the urge to refresh your inbox and avoid dwelling on what you could or should have done better. Once an application is sent, it is out of your hands. 

After submitting an application, follow the instructions put forth in the assignment call and respect the timeline presented there. If there is something that is unclear, do not hesitate to follow up by contacting the partner in charge of your assignment. Otherwise, hold tight and keep your fingers crossed! 


We hope to see your application soon.   


New assignments are regularly posted on Best Best Talent Platform. BBTP members are eligible to view and apply to posted assignments and members can update their communications preferences to get email notifications about new opportunities. 


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